Home Depot Employees Find What in Envelope?

Photo by Oxana Melis on Unsplash

A customer was planning on spending the day completing her Christmas shopping at the Home Depot in Bellevue, a small neighborhood in Nashville. However, the envelope full of cash that she was planning on using for this purpose got lost.

At the same time, Adam Adkisson was working his regular shift at the Home Depot when he noticed a small envelope in aisle 22. As he told WSMV at first, he did not think anything much of having seen the folder. In fact, he assumed it would be empty. Still, something within him told him to take a moment to check. When he did, he saw $700 worth of cash inside.

Once he realized how much cash was in the folder, he immediately called his manager Alissa Rocchi. Rocchi admitted that her first thought was that that person had no clue that they had lost their money at all. She decided that the best course of action was to just post a Facebook post and hope that someone showed up and responded to the photo.

A man named Mark was the one to respond to the incredibly vague Facebook post and noted that it was actually an envelope that belonged to his business partner, Johnathon Clayton. As Mark noted after the envelope had been lost, Clayton had been “panicking.” Mark also confirmed what the envelope should look like and what it said on the back.

Clayton told WSMV that it was stressful, but when Mark told him about the social media post he was happy to go back to The Home Depot, thank Adkisson with a small gift, and claim back his money.

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