Homeless Drug Users Take Over Entire School

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Dana Hammond, founder of the Academy of Media Arts, a private school in Los Angeles that was primarily serving the Latino and Black youth in the state has had to close because of public safety concerns according to a lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Hammond, who filed the lawsuit, appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to discuss why he believed he did not have a choice but to close down the school as the students were exposed to human feces, drug usage, nudity, and in some cases intruders. As he told host Carley Shimkus, there was a breach of contract related to the city housing around 400 homeless and high-need individuals who are often suffering from drug addiction. 

He proceeded to share how his mother had suffered from drug addiction which is why he had started to work with students to help prepare them for the future. However, as he pointed out there were constant intruders and indecent exposure which forced him to close the school.

The school was located in L.A. Grand Hotel, which has in recent years been used as temporary housing by the city. Before announcing the school closure in January, he claimed that he had found on the school property drugs, crack pipes, and even feces. 

City officials have been attempting to clean up the cities, however, currently there are concerns about the possibility that the homeless rate could increase for various reasons. Mayor Karen Bass during her campaign had claimed that she would help clear the streets and since being elected in 2022 has managed to move over 21,000 people into temporary housing. 

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