Hooters Going Out of Business?

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Hooters, a sports bar chain based in Atlanta decided to shut down dozens of restaurants across the United States that are “underperforming.” It is the latest chain restaurant to make such a move in an attempt to deal with consumer habit changes and inflation challenges.

According to a report from Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN), starting on Sunday evening, there were rumors that around 40 Hooters locations across the United States, including those in Lakeland, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky’ and Bryan, Texas. On Monday the company reportedly stated that much like many of the restaurants across the country they are facing challenges related to the current market conditions. As a result of this Hooters has made the choice to close many of their underperforming stores. It added that they are ensuring that their staff will continue to be a priority.

Hooters did not provide any further information on the number of stores that they are closing or the reported closings.

Since 2018, the sports bar chain has experienced a 12 percent decline in their restaurant number. While in 2018 they had 333 restaurants open, by 2023 that number had dropped to 293. Despite this decline, the chain noted that they continue to be optimistic about the restaurant’s future.

The restaurant also told NRN that there are new Hooters restaurants opening both internationally and domestically. They are also expanding to new markets, and are selling frozen products at grocery stores. They added that for 41 years their brand has continued to be resilient.

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