House Jan. 6 Committee Caught Deleting WHAT?

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( – Fox News Digital recently reported that the former House Select Jan. 6 Committee had deleted or encrypted over one hundred files from their probes, only days after the GOP won the majority in the lower chamber.

Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., is leading the probe of the House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee dealing with the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021. The panel is not only examining the security failures that had occurred that day, but they are also looking at the “actions” of the former select committee that had investigated the Capitol attack.

Last week, Loudermilk had told Fox News Digital that the investigation had gone into a “new phase” with the support of House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La. Johnson has provided the committee with additional resources to be used as part of the investigation.

Sources close to the probe have revealed to Fox News Digital that as per House rules, the former Jan. 6 select committee which had been chaired had been required to hand to the new Republican-led panel all of the documents from the investigation.

However, according to the sources, Thompson had informed Loudermilk that the committee would hand over four terabytes of archived data when the new committee only ended up receiving around two terabytes of data.

The report further noted that the committee has now hired a digital forensics team which is going to be looking into the hard drives to determine what information had been withheld. The forensics team found that 117 files had either been deleted or encrypted.

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