House Republicans Take First Steps Against Biden

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( – The House Homeland Security Committee is set to hold its first field hearing regarding the southern border next month. The hearing is set to take place in Texas, as a way for the Republicans to bring further attention to the “chaos and disorder” caused along the border by the Biden administration’s lack of border policies.

Chairman Mark Greene released a statement through Fox News Digital in which he wrote that for the past two years, Americans have been trying to have their voices heard about the effects of the border policies on their local communities, and yet Secretary Mayorkas, has failed to enforce the border laws as necessary. He added that the Homeland Security Committee is there to assist with that which is why they are taking their hearings out of Washington, D.C. to border communities that are affected the most by the “reckless border security policies” followed by the Biden administration.

The hearing is set to take place on March 15 in McAllen, Texas, and is part of the Republicans; attempts to mitigate and bring more attention to the border crisis. Speaker Kevin McCarthy had previously promised to hold these in-person field hearings to bring public attention to the large influx of illegal migrants crossing the border.

In FY2021, there were more than 1.7 million migrant encounters. That number continued to go up and in FY 2022 there were 2.3 million encounters. The numbers continue to be increasing with FY2023 currently being on track to become the next record year.

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