How Herschel Walker Could Win Against Warnock

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How Herschel Walker Could Win Against Warnock

Georgia Republican Herschel Walker might be able to win a seat in the U.S. Senate if he gets support from both the state’s Libertarian Party voters and the Republican party voters. His race against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock is set to go to a runoff election on December 6th. This is because neither of the two candidates managed to secure over 50 percent of the votes in the midterm elections.

According to Georgia’s secretary of state office, there were 3.957 million ballots cast in the state, and Warnock appeared to have led the race with 49.41 percent. Walker, on the other hand, won 48.52 percent of the votes. The rest of the votes went to Libertarian Chase Oliver with 2.07 percent. Voter turnout was around 56.92 percent.

Oliver said that he had reached his goals as the runoff elections will mean that both parties will try to secure the Libertarian votes. Oliver had previously told Newsweek that it was his duty “to push [constituents] toward one wing or another of a duopoly.”

He also noted that he knew he had been the reason for the runoff, but he also noted that his votes would be enough to shift the odds in favor of either Walker or Warnock in the runoff election.

Oliver also said that he was willing to provide the space for both of the candidates to reach Libertarian and independent voters in case of a runoff election. However, he said he would not be endorsing either candidate.

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