Huge Black Bear Caught on Camera

Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

Huge Black Bear Caught on Camera

In Durango, Colorado, a large black bear was found hiding in a residential area. Wildlife officers used a tranquilizer dart to be able to transport the 400-pound bear from under the deck it was hiding. The bear was then moved to a suitable habitat.

John Livingston, a spokesperson for Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources, noted that it is possible that the bear had not yet decided to make the deck its home for the winter and it might still have been scouting.

The five wildlife officers who assisted in the bear’s removal said that this was the largest bear they had seen in the town.

Bears spend around a month eating as much as they can before finding a space to settle down for the winter months. Livingston noted that around this time of year, bears are looking for things to eat and for a suitable hiding spot for winter. The deck might have been seen as a good option as it protects from the elements. The apple trees in the surrounding properties would have also been seen as a good food source.

In recent years, the number of reports of bears reaching residential areas has increased. In 2022, there have so far been around 4,009 reports to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Dana Wilson, a spokesperson for the conservation group Wildlife SOS, has said that the reason for this increase is that wildlife habitats are shrinking while people are moving into areas that would have traditionally been bear habitats.


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