Hundreds of Amazon Packages Found Damaged, Abandoned In Woods

( – This holiday season was filled with reports of packages being lost and delayed; but nothing has irritated consumers more than realizing that their packages were not lost due to human error, but because irresponsible delivery drivers chose to purposely abandon them instead of just doing their jobs.

On January 3, an Oklahoma County Sheriff reported that they had discovered yet another 600 Amazon packages dumped just outside of Oklahoma City. In this particular instance, the dumped packages were not just left behind, but had been opened and stolen from. Oddly, the not-so-bright thief took high value items but left most of the books behind. The sheriff’s department has asked people who have been waiting for lost packages not to call. They are working with Amazon and the USPS and ensure consumers they will be contacted directly if their packages were in the recently discovered lot.

Sadly, this isn’t the only incident where packages were discovered after discard. In November, an Alabama FedEx driver was found to have dumped packages into a ravine not just once, but a minimum of six times. The 300-400 packages were dumped on private property and were not discovered until the landowner stumbled upon them.

Not much later, a North Carolina FedEx driver was found to have dumped over 70 packages in a wooded area. In that instance, a witness called the police to report suspicious activity and had been able to give the license number of the truck involved.

It seems as though this is becoming more and more common, especially during the holiday season. What will delivery services do to better screen their drivers and avoid this type of loss to both consumers and businesses? We hope we don’t have to wait until December 2022 to find out.

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