Hundreds of Non-Citizens Register to Vote

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( – Over 500 noncitizens had registered to vote in Tuesday’s Council elections in Washington, D.C. 

According to the latest count on May 29, a total of 523 noncitizen residents had registered to vote. This date was revealed by the District of Columbia Board of Elections (DCBOE) Sarah Graham to Fox News Digital. 

The results include 310 registered Democrats, 169 unaffiliated voters, 28 Republicans, and 16 Green party voters. Graham noted that no data has been collected on the nationalities of those who have been registered to vote. The Washington Post spoke to noncitizen voters from Ethiopia, Iran, and El Salvador. 

Only days before the Washington, D.C., primary on June 4, 52 House Democrats voted along with the GOP on a bill that would overturn a 2022 Washington, D.C., law that would give noncitizens the right to vote in local elections. However, it is not yet clear whether the Democrat-controlled Senate is going to be taking on the legislation. 

Last year only 42 House Democrats had supported the bill being struck down. 

Chairman Bryan Steil, R-Wis., stated last week that the Board of Elections had confirmed the registration of close to 500 non-citizens to vote in the country’s capital. He added that the number was continuing to grow and that they could not allow this law where non-citizens were voting to extend across the United States or to local elections. 

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