Hundreds of People Injured, Several Dead After Gas Leak

Hundreds of People Injured, Several Dead After Gas Leak

Massive LEAK Turns Deadly – Death Toll Revealed!

( – On June 27, around 250 people suffered injuries, and at least 13 died when a crane dropped a chlorine tank at a Jordan port. The crane was loading the tanks onto a ship at Aqaba when the accident occurred. After the tank fell and burst open, it sent yellow smoke into the air, impacting people in the surrounding area.

The tank was carrying around 25 metric tons of chlorine gas. It was part of a shipment of tanks on the way to Djibouti. When inhaled, chlorine gas can cause burns in the lungs and respiratory tract. It may also cause the lungs to fill with water, leading to drowning.

A video showing the incident played on Jordanian state TV. The Public Security Directorate announced authorities had evacuated and closed off the area, noting the closest residential area, Eilat, is 15 miles from the port. Local health official Dr. Jamal Obeidat warned people in the area to stay inside and avoid opening windows or doors. Eilat emergency services told citizens there was no immediate health threat.

Grain silos in Aqaba stopped work, but the port traffic continued as usual after the incident despite authorities asking ships to stay away from the accident site.

Jordan Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh visited the area hospital where some of the injured people received treatment. The PM also ordered an investigation into the accident.

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