Hunter Biden Witness Asked to Name “Big Guy” in Grand Jury Testimony

Hunter Biden Witness Asked to Name

( – Sources close to the Hunter Biden federal grand jury’s work confirmed to The New York Post that the investigation into the president’s son may have taken a turn toward the chief executive himself. President Joe Biden has always maintained that his children’s interests are their own and none of his business. According to a witness appearing before the panel, that may not be entirely true.

An email reviewed by The Post revealed a reference to a “big guy” in business dealings with a Chinese company, asking if he wanted in on the deal.

The younger Biden can’t seem to keep himself free of scandal. The Post’s investigation into his recovered laptop is heating up as the IRS continues its probe into possible tax evasion. Should the specifics about his business in China come to light and the “big guy” turn out to be his father, Biden’s credibility would take a massive hit.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner, told The Post in 2020 that the president was lying when it came to the knowledge of his son’s dealings and that the “big guy” was definitely a reference to the elder Biden.

If President Biden turns out to be just as involved in international deals as Hunter Biden, how secure are America’s interests? Is he able to negotiate without bias or reservation for the American people, or are his own family and bank account on the line? Most importantly, how far will a man like Joe Biden go to protect his son – and himself?

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