Hurricane Victim Risks It All To Save Cat

Photo by Pacto Visual on Unsplash

Hurricane Victim Risks It All To Save Cat

A man in Florida rescued a cat that had been trapped in Bonita Beach, Florida because of Hurricane Ian.

The event took place on Wednesday when Mike Ross saw that an orange and white tabby cat was on top of an air conditioning unit near its owner’s beach house north of Naples. The cat didn’t have anywhere to go as the category 4 hurricane hit.

Ross had to wade through the water in order to reach the cat and rescue it. The attempt was captured on video by Ross’ girlfriend Megan Cruz Scavo, who then posted it on Twitter. Since its posting on Thursday morning, the video has been viewed 3.2 million times.
In the clip, the cat can be seen being terrified as Ross reaches her and carries her to safety. At the time the storm surge had been quite high.

Since its rescue, the cat has been living with Ross and his family.

Many animals have been left facing precarious situations due to the Hurricane that hit Florida. At Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, all of the flamingos rushed into a bathroom to take cover from the Hurricane.

The ZooTampa also had to construct “night houses” to keep all of its animals safe.


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