Husband’s Mistress Gets Bounced Out of Funeral

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( – A woman took to one of Reddit’s most popular subreddits called r/AmITheA****** to ask if how she handled her late husband’s affair partner was wrong. User u/MyMomo20 posted in the sub asking “AITA [am I the a******] for not allowing my late husband’s affair partner [to] come to his funeral?”

As the widow narrates the story in the post, her husband had been involved in a car accident three weeks before the post which had led to his death. As it turned out, when he had said he was on a work trip, he instead was on a “cheating trip” visiting a woman that he had been having an affair with for over five years.

Melody Chadamoyo, relationship coach, author, and CEO and founder of relationship coaching service Heart Passion Institute, has told Newsweek that there is immense shock and grief associated with losing someone because you lose all of your hopes and dreams for a future with them in it. She added that learning of infidelity at this time would lead to you questioning whether the union and foundation of your life had all been a lie.

As the original poster (OP) explains, out of her three children, only the eldest knew about the cheating, as he had been the one to find out about it. Her two youngest children (seven and fourteen) had been unaware. While planning the funeral, the man’s mistress reached out and asked to be involved. The woman told her that she should stay away and respect their privacy during this time.

Still, the woman showed up uninvited as they were standing in the graveyard. The OP then told her brother who removed the affair partner from the service before any more drama could ensue. The affair partner then reached out again saying that the OP had robbed her chance to say goodbye. The internet widely agreed that the OP was not in the wrong for removing the affair partner from the funeral.

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