Immigrants Dressed in Military Style Camouflage Caught Sneaking Into America

Immigrants Dressed in Military Style Camouflage Caught Sneaking Into America

Camouflaged Immigrants Caught ENTERING America – Footage Shows What They Did

( – Officers from the Texas Department of Safety, working alongside US Border Patrol agents, apprehended undocumented immigrants in a remote area on the US side of the border. The illegals were dressed in camouflage and took off running when a law enforcement helicopter spotted them.

Bill Melugin of Fox News LA pointed out people entering the county in areas like that, especially those trying to conceal themselves, aren’t here to present themselves for legal immigration or refugee status. They’re trying to slip in under the radar.

Representative Tony Gonzales (R-TX) recently tweeted that cartels have training camps for people making the journey. Prospective mules apparently take a five-day survival course to learn how to endure the harsh elements.

The situation at the southern border doesn’t seem to be improving much. In fact, Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin recently reported a shocking number of incidents within a single 24-hour span on Twitter.

The Alpine Border Patrol stopped two vehicles from smuggling contraband during that time frame. Meanwhile, Sierra Blanca Border Patrol captured a total of 28 illegals as they were attempting to cross into the US. The Van Horn Border Patrol, including the Big Bend area where officers caught migrants dressed for battle, confiscated 200 pounds of marijuana.

If officials are making this many arrests in just 24 hours, how many more occur weekly, monthly, or yearly? It remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more information on this ongoing crisis.

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