Instant Karma: Corvette Driver Gets What He Deserves

Photo by Timeo Buehrer on Unsplash

Instant Karma: Corvette Driver Gets What He Deserves

A C8 Corvette Driver took the meaning of a tailgating driver to a new level. His aggressive road behavior though doesn’t end there as he was also seen to gore point right on the entrance ramp using it as his own lane. This is dangerous and can even lead to many car accidents. In fact, in Arizona DPS Officer Doug Knutson was killed in 1998 by someone who drove in this aggressive manner. From 2009 to 2012 6,000 citations have been given to drivers for this behavior. However, for this driver tailgating was the lesser one of his offenses.

His aggressive driving included attempting to hit several cars from the side. If any of the car crashes had occurred it could have potentially led to increased chances of injury due to the vehicle’s high speed. The incident which has been going viral only stopped once cops located the car and pulled the vehicle aside.

His precarious driving has led to many being put in danger, which is why the police will undoubtedly hand him several citations for his behavior on the road. Undoubtedly, while the driver of the car will deny many of the charges on his driving, the truth remains that his reckless driving could have caused harm to those around him. This will help remind people that the road is not their playground and that rules are in place for a reason.

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