Internet Erupts After Teacher Shows What Student Did in Class

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( – An elementary school teacher has gone viral after taking to the internet to share some of the daily grievances of her young students. The teacher, Jillian Magee, shares a number of the tales that end up in her “Tattle Box” every day.

Magee, 30, is a third-grade teacher and as she stated during a Fox News Digital interview children are quick to reveal every little thing that is going on in their lives. As she said they would often interrupt her in the middle of a sentence in order to share one of their little tattles regarding other students.

Magee noted that her students were quick to let her know if someone else bumped into them purposefully or if they “didn’t mind her business.” This was what made her decide that she wanted to find a way to track all of the little tattles while also proceeding normally with her lesson.

At some point, she decided that the best solution would be to have them write down their tattle on a sticky note that they could place on her desk. But she soon realized this would mean that her desk would be filled with sticky notes. This is why she instead created the “Tattle Form” where students could share their tattle and then place them in an empty tissue box. This made it easier to gather all of the little tattles. She then proceeds to read those tattles and share many of them online.

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