Internet Speculates Melania and Donald Trump Divorce

Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Following former President Donald Trump’s indictment in Georgia earlier this week, there have been many speculations about other legal troubles he might be facing.

Many people online suggested that it is possible that Trump’s wife, Melania Trump is considering handing him divorce papers. X user @PopularLiberal posted a tweet on August 11, that has since its posting received over 770,000 views. In it, they claim that there is a leaked email that talks about Melania Trump’s intention to divorce the former President. They further claim that the email contains her questions about Trump’s pension and what benefits she would be able to receive if she gets a settlement for $2 billion.

The tweet also included a video that has the same line about Melania Trump leaving Trump repeated over and over again. However, it does not appear that there is any substance behind these rumors which currently appear to have been derived from a misquote in a gossip article, that had been based on an anonymous and unverified source.

The posts on social media appear to be an exact copy of a Radar article from August 8, 2023. However, there is one key difference, in that article it does not state that there was an email leak but rather that the information had come from anonymous sources. It further states that the former first lady is worried that some of her personal emails could end up getting leaked as a result of a subpoena.

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