Iran Court Demands US Pay for Killing Nuclear Scientists

Iran Court Demands US Pay for Killing Nuclear Scientists

Special Verdict In US Government’s TARGETED Killings

( – On June 23, an Iranian court ordered the United States to pay damages of over $4 billion to the families of several nuclear scientists killed in recent attacks. This ruling is mainly symbolic, given the US is not likely to comply and Iran has no American assets to seize, but it serves as an example of the tension between the US and Iran.

The court had called multiple past US officials to testify for the case. These notable people included former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The families of the deceased scientists filed the lawsuit, but state news sources did not reveal their identities.

The ruling comes at a time when the relationship between Iran and the United States is on life support. Negotiations to implement a new nuclear deal have stalled out, with Iran refusing to meet US officials. The nation also sanctioned various US officials for human rights violations and terrorism after the 2020 assassination of Qassem Soleimani, a top Iranian military leader.

In the meantime, Iran has been amping up its nuclear program. The country removed United Nations surveillance cameras earlier in the month and has been enriching uranium to near-weapons grade levels. The UN said the removal of the cameras would make it difficult to strike any nuclear deal with the country.

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