Iran Looking to Supply Russia With the Equipment They Need to Stay Afloat

Iran Looking to Supply Russia With the Equipment They Need to Stay Afloat

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( – Russia and Iran have faced heavy sanctions due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. As a result, the two countries have banded together in an attempt to offset these penalties. Fox News reported Tehran and Moscow have begun working to strike a deal to trade car parts and fuel turbines for raw metal materials.

Russia is currently in dire need of assistance as its military has suffered extreme losses in the conflict with Ukraine. A current fuel shortage in Ukraine and a failing supply chain are leaving Russian troops stranded. The country has also had significant setbacks with its naval fleet and desperately needs parts to make repairs.

The deal struck between the two countries will help Iran keep its economy going, as they have had difficulties sustaining their metal and mining industries under international sanctions. Russia, on the other hand, will receive support for the ongoing war by restocking on car parts, fuel turbines, and so on.

Fox News reached out to the US State Department for a statement on the situation, but a spokesperson declined to comment outside of saying that anyone providing support to Russia or Iran could face additional sanctions.

The news of these negotiations comes after Iran announced trade and energy agreements between the two nations on May 25. They will also work together in other fields, including nuclear energy, banking, transportation, and agriculture.

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