Iranian Spies Infiltrated American Military Base, Report Suggests

Iranian Spies Infiltrated American Military Base, Report Suggests

Foreign SPIES Found – U.S. Military Infiltrated!

( – An Iranian spy satellite launched in March has been a huge success, according to reports from the rogue nation’s state-run news agency. Pictures from the NOOR2 satellite allegedly show a US military base in Bahrain, an island nation located in the Persian Gulf. The image was reportedly taken from an altitude of 500 kilometers above Earth.

The Russian media outlet Sputnik, known for publishing propaganda for the country’s President Vladimir Putin, applauded the mission, reposting the pictures in high-resolution. When the satellite initially went into space, a US official referred to it as a “giant tumbling webcam,” something the Iranians and Russians dispute. They used the images themselves as proof.

The picture clearly shows the shape of a seaport and possibly an airfield. Another look at the same area on Google Maps shows a commercial wharf in seemingly better detail, highlighting the US claim that the Iranian tool carries inadequate technology for its intended mission.

The Washington Free Beacon reported the images as a warning to the US. That’s because not only does it prove the Iranians have the ability to take pictures of Earth, but the delivery vehicle taking the pictures could also be repurposed to carry nuclear weapons.

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