Is Too Much Lemon Water Bad for You?

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( – North Carolina-based registered dietitian April Wiles recently told Fox News Digital that the recent craze that was taken over the internet with many influences pushing for others to consume lemon water has some scientific evidence to support some of the claims.

Wiles, who owns, spoke about several claims relating to lemon water, which include claims about weight loss, improving digestion, and balancing the pH levels of the body. As she pointed out, some of these claims do have evidence supporting them, while others do not.

Wiles stated that lemon is rich in vitamin C. As such, drinking water with lemon could potentially help boost the body’s immunity, especially during flu season. She added that the addition of citrus fruit in the water could also result in an enhancement of the microminerals in the water. This could result in people being less dehydrated, which is relatively common in the colder months.

However, Wiles also pointed out that lemon water should be consumed with caution, as too much lemon could cause the tooth enamel to be worn down due to the acidity.

Another benefit of adding lemon to water, according to Wiles, is that it adds flavor to the water. For those who are usually fond of sugar-sweetened beverages, this can be a far healthier alternative that will help them drink the necessary amounts of water. She even suggested that those who want to flavor their water and make it sweeter could add either monk fruit or stevia to it.

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