Ivanka Trump Warming Up to Potential White House Position

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(FeaturedNews.com) – According to reports, former President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is “warming” to the thought of having a position at the White House if her father emerges victorious from November’s Presidential election.

According to a person familiar with Ivanka’s thought process, the former President’s daughter is “warming to the idea” of being “helpful” to Trump if he becomes President again, adding that in private discussions, Ivanka had not ruled out taking on some kind of role.

Puck, who first reported on the matter, revealed that Ivanka had been advised to wait until after the GOP convention in July before announcing any decision, as this would allow her to avoid the news cycle regarding Trump’s ongoing trial.

The role, if any, Ivanka would play in her father’s campaign is still unclear; however, in Trump’s first administration, Ivanka was an adviser, and she served as a mainstay in both his first and second campaigns.

Nevertheless, according to official statements by Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, the pair will “continue to focus on their family,” their private sector ambitions have no intention of reentering politics, a spokesperson for the couple said.

But Puck claims the unofficial narrative that Ivanka is “warming” to reentering the political landscape was a trial balloon and a method of signaling that she’ll likely gradually re-emerge in Trump’s presidential campaign.

However, Puck’s source said that following a “longstanding position” where she had ruled out being a part of Trump’s Presidential campaign, she was “more open to it” now that the likelihood of him emerging victorious is “getting more real [and is] revving up.” 

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