Ivy League Student Allegedly Dies After Drinking Popular Restaurant Drink

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Monday, the parents of a student with a heart condition filed a lawsuit against Panera Bread, in which they claimed that the 21-year-old had passed in 2022 after drinking the “Charged Lemonade” drink offered by the chain which has a high amount of caffeine.

The complaint was submitted to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and it refers to the beverage offered by Panera as “dangerous.” The parents of Sarah Katz, a student who was attending the University of Pennsylvania, argued that Panera was aware of the dangers of their “energy drink” and that they knew that the drink could cause harm to women who were pregnant or breastfeeding as well as to children. They added that the drink was also a danger to those with a sensitivity to caffeine, as well as those who had underlying heart conditions.

In the filing, it is noted that at the age of 5 Katz had been diagnosed with Long Qt Type 1 Syndrome, a heart disease that required her to take daily medication and avoid the consumption of all high caffeine beverages and energy drinks.

Despite receiving this medical advice, Katz went into cardiac arrest on September 10, after purchasing and consuming one of the chain’s “Charged Lemonade” beverages. At the time she was with her friends. She was then taken to the hospital where she suffered from a second cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead shortly after.

Katz’s family alleged that Sarah had consumed the lemonade believing it to be a normal lemonade or a type of sports drink that only had a caffeine amount that would be safe for her to consume.

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