Jeffrey Epstein CD Trove Discvered

( – Although charges against Jeffrey Epstein were ultimately dropped after he was found dead approximately a month following his arrest for his second major sex scandal, investigations into people who likely assisted him have continued. The ongoing trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a former pilot and longtime associate of Epstein’s, who is believed to have been involved in helping him groom and traffick young girls, recently revealed a trove of evidence that was present in Epstein’s home the day he was arrested.

Evidence Found in Epstein’s Townhouse

Within hours of Jeffrey Epstein’s July 2019 arrest, the FBI searched his home and found something a bit more sinister than suits and shoes hidden in his closets. Black binders filled with CDs containing hundreds or even thousands of photos of nude women and underage girls were discovered throughout Epstein’s home, as well as several printed photos. Other questionable items were found in a safe containing some of the CDs, including diamonds, hard drives, passports, and an undisclosed large amount of money.

Items Disappeared Before FBI Could Intervene

While nearly indisputable evidence was found and photographed the same day that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, the FBI lacked the proper warrant to take the items from his home at that time. Epstein’s lawyer, Richard Kahn, removed the CDs and other items from Epstein’s home before the FBI returned to retrieve them four days later. Although Kahn promptly returned the items to the FBI when questioned, Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force member Agent Kelly Maguire could no longer be certain that the CDs still contained the same files they had four days earlier.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently pleading not guilty to the charges against her.

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