Jen Psaki Defends Forcing Children to Eat Outside in the Cold

( – Enjoying the warm weather during lunch was fine during the first month of the school year, and parents in several schools supported this measure early on. However, some schools have taken this attempt at COVID-19 mitigation much too far. A video showing elementary school students in Portland, Oregon still eating lunch outdoors just weeks before Christmas is making parents across the country furious, regardless of their thoughts on other COVID-19 policies.

Kindergartners Eating Lunch Outdoors in December

Students at Portland’s Capitol Hill Elementary School are being forced to eat outdoors in 40-degree temperatures. Instead of chatting with friends, trading snacks, and burning some energy before heading back to class as most of us remember from our own elementary school years, these children are seated on cold buckets that are too spaced out to even have a conversation.

Students up to second grade have not yet had a normal school year and older elementary students likely have little memory of pre-COVID school days. Now our schools are teaching them that eating indoors is dangerous and eating outdoors in December is normal. Isn’t this going a bit far for a virus that is believed to rarely be harmful to elementary-aged children?

Jen Psaki Defends Herself From Angry Parents

Jen Psaki doesn’t seem to think so. During a press conference on Friday, the White House spokeswoman defended the elementary school, implying that she would consider the policy acceptable for her own three-year-old. Psaki’s tone-deaf comments angered both parents that have typically supported other COVID-19 policies in schools and those who have been fighting them from the beginning, and both groups quickly took to social media to express their frustrations.

If a parent forced their child to eat outdoors in 40-degree weather as a punishment, it would likely be considered child abuse. Why should the same decision from school administrators be any different?

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