Jill Biden Steps Up To Do Joe’s Job

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Jill Biden Steps Up To Do Joe’s Job

First lady Jill Biden is making multiple stops across the country ahead of the midterm elections. The First Lady has been a part of many campaign appearances and active fundraising since her husband took office, far more than the ones her predecessors were involved in.

Jill Biden traveled to Tennessee, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Florida this past trip. These have been solo trips in which she has discussed education, the military, and COVID-19. She also participated in fundraising for the Democrats.

During a private Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Nashville’s Hillsboro-West End, Biden said “we have to act now,” and that there could be so many changes if they only managed to get a few more people in Congress.

In 2018, former first lady Melania Trump did not participate heavily during the campaign trail, and instead stayed back while her husband led campaign rallies ahead of the midterm elections.

Former first lady Michelle Obama was also not particularly active during campaigning and would mainly appear only during the final days ahead of an election. In 2014, many Democrats complained about her not being more involved with campaigning.

A senior adviser to Jill Biden said that the first lady is very active in campaigning and that she is hoping she can bring attention to the administration’s accomplishments. She also hopes to use her experience from pre-Roe to bring more women forward and remind them of what is currently at stake.

Her next stop is going to be when she joins Florida Senate hopeful Rep. Val Demings (D) and gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist (D) on Saturday. On Friday she will also be speaking in a political event looking to gather support for Stacey Abrams, the Georgia gubernatorial nominee.

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