Jim Jordan Blasts Biden for Doing ‘Everything Wrong’

(FeaturedNews.com) – “You pick the policy area, they’ve done it wrong.” A harsh statement from Jim Jordan, but not an uncommon one when it comes to opinions of the first year of the Biden administration. During a recent interview with Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Jordan ripped apart several problems he saw with how the Biden administration is handling the economy, crime, COVID-19, and several other controversial issues. Jordan spared few words in blasting Biden’s policies about nearly every topic that came up, comparing his view of what America should look like to Biden’s reality.

Significant Inflation

Jim Jordan had plenty to say regarding the massive spike in costs of products and services in nearly every industry over the past year. Prices of everything from gas and energy to food and other consumer goods have increased at faster rates than they have in nearly four decades, which has been even more difficult for everyday Americans that are still struggling to recover financially from job losses, reduced hours, and other ramifications of the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Energy costs alone have increased by a staggering 34 percent over the past year, and nearly every other industry has seen worrisome increases over a relatively short time period.

Although many want to return to pre-pandemic purchasing habits in an effort to move closer to their normal lives, Biden’s policies have created employee shortages, shipping problems, and other issues that are making keeping up with the demand especially difficult.

Increased Crime and Decreased Border Security

Jordan also commented on a sharp increase in crime in many major cities. New York City, Philadelphia, and several other major cities have seen significant increases in shootings, homicides, and other violent crime over the past year, which have largely gone unaddressed by the Biden administration.

Jordan expressed concerns surrounding Biden’s swift undoing of measures Donald Trump put in place to secure the nation’s borders, which he believes is linked to the rampant increases in violent crime across the country. From halting construction of Trump’s border wall to significantly relaxing immigration policies, Biden has put more effort into making illegal immigration easier than creating policies that would make living in America safer.

Problematic Afghanistan Exit

Jordan pointed out several issues surrounding the United States’ messy exit from Afghanistan that indicate that Biden likely did not handle it as well as he could have. Moving so quickly that Americans were left behind and missions were left unfinished was likely an irresponsible means of handling the situation, especially as many would have preferred not leaving Afghanistan at all, and he stated that the quick move likely decreased how our enemies view the strength of our military.

Poor COVID-19 Response

Biden’s big talk about how he would handle COVID-19 if he became elected has largely fallen flat during his first year in office. Although he initially attempted to implement policies that he thought would be effective in controlling the pandemic, such policies have instead resulted in interfering with people’s lives and personal choices without delivering any significant results. Jordan commented that, “instead what Biden is giving them is record crime, record inflation, and Dr. Fauci,” referring to Biden’s insistence on basing policies heavily on Fauci’s statements, many of which have turned out to be ineffective at best and tend to create more problems than they solve.

Jim Jordan’s many issues with the Biden administration echo the concerns of several prominent conservatives as Joe Biden finishes his first year in office. Biden’s low approval rating that continues to drop indicates that both sides may ironically be beginning to agree that his policies have done more to further divide the country than unite it so far.

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