Joe Biden Appears to Tease War With Russia

Joe Biden Appears to Tease War With Russia

( – President Joe Biden’s statements on Friday, March 25, to a group of US soldiers in Poland raised some eyebrows for the potentially damaging language. Speaking before a group of 82nd Airborne soldiers, Biden talked of Ukraine and his own past issues with the region. Then, he apparently went off-script and possibly damaged an already fragile relationship with Russia by suggesting that US troops would deploy to Ukraine.

Biden’s Contentious Comments

While speaking to the 82nd, Biden described the situation in Ukraine and the hardships of war. He specifically mentioned the women and children and the heroic acts of ordinary Ukrainians who remain committed to rebuking Russian forces in any way possible.

Biden then suddenly told the soldiers they’d see for themselves “when you’re there.”

The oddly placed comment seemed to suggest an upcoming deployment. Such statements could become the powder keg in an already explosive situation, whether they amount to a blunder or a strategy slip.

Biden also slipped up during a recent appearance on March 16. In that example, he called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” just days before the State Department came to the same conclusion.

A day after Biden’s appearance at the base in Poland, he once again struggled over his words in a way that could have serious consequences. During a speech on the issue, Biden ad-libbed, “this man (referring to Putin) cannot remain in power.”

His words were so destructive that a White House official had to walk them back. That individual later insisted that Biden really meant Putin shouldn’t be able to exert such control over his neighbors.

Russia Responds

Russia’s response to Biden’s language has been anything but positive from the beginning of the conflict with Ukraine. While Putin once praised the president as “professional,” brushing off any hint that his American counterpart suffered cognitive issues, his administration eventually flipped the script. According to an ABC News exclusive, it is now actively pursuing the storyline as part of an ongoing disinformation strategy.

A Gaffe or a Slip?

Biden is a blunt man. He has always been a blunt man. However, there are times when the President of the United States holds the room — often as the nation waits for a statement.

The president’s long and well-documented history of slipping up when he speaks does sometimes cause issues. While Biden attributes these instances to a lifelong stutter, some believe his mistakes are evidence of a larger cognitive problem.

Yet, whether or not he suffers from cognitive issues remains unclear. At 78 years old, the current commander-in-chief is the oldest person to ever hold the Oval Office, but he declined the same cognitive tests presented to both Presidents Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.

Both men, who were each in their 70s at the time, passed the tests with flying colors.

Whether Biden suffers from a neurological condition, his track record of confusion and gaffes continue to work against him. The timing of these most recent slips just happens to be especially poor given the state of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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