Judge Decides to Let Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook Proceed

Judge Decides to Let Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook Proceed

(FeaturedNews.com) – The latest attempts by Facebook to censor content and control the narrative have many people worried about whether the social media giant has too much power. The company is also currently fighting in court against similar accusations, and a judge just ensured the case would move forward.

Judge James Boasberg refused Facebook’s request to throw out a lawsuit against it from the Federal Trade Communication (FTC) on January 11. The lawsuit alleges the company has a monopoly and is violating antitrust laws. Facebook claims the FTC has no basis for its case.

In his decision, the judge stated the case needed to go to trial because FTC presented a sound argument. However, he added that whether the agency would prove its case and win is not absolute.

The fight against monopolies is vital because it protects the free market. When a company holds one, it controls most of the industry, allowing for little competition. When it comes to Facebook and social media, having a monopoly gives the company the most power to control information. It can direct the narrative to benefit itself or the people it aligns with.

FTC alleges the company has bought out competitors to garner more market share. The agency also says Facebook has used unfair practices to push out competitors. The request of the FTC is a permanent injunction that could force Facebook to get rid of assets to lessen its share of the social media market.

Facebook has denied holding a monopoly and rejected all additional claims against it. The company also accuses the FTC of trying to alter antitrust laws through this lawsuit.

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