Judge Judy Comments on Gen Z

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Judge Judy Sheindlin told Fox News Digital that she was unsure of whether Gen Z was getting a “bad rap” when it comes to their workplace behavior, but noted that she had noticed a few things that had given her pause in their behavior. 

In her remarks, she argued that she was not sure if they were getting a bad rap as they had grown up with a “different philosophy” which had affected who they were. She argued that they were the result of the “Everybody gets a trophy” mentality. 

Pew Research Center defines Gen Z as those people who were born between 1997 and 2012. This group is often a point of discussion in pop culture and media as they have often been labeled as lazy, entitled, and obsessed with technology. 

Sheindlin, who was born in 1942, argued that when she was growing up you only got a trophy if you were in the first place, or sometimes second or third. She added that even if there were 20 people in the race only the first few places would receive a trophy, however now all of them would receive some sort of trophy. 

She continued by pointing out that some of the issues from this generation are because of the home environments these children grow up in and argued that parents needed to not just be “friends” to their children. As she noted children needed their parents to teach them values and these are not things that should be taught in schools. She added that people have important things that they need to learn at home and that school is about learning their ABCs. 

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