Justice Roberts Responsible for Several GOP Victories

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(FeaturedNews.com) – This season Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has appeared to be in control of all of the recent conservative victories, including the one related to former President Donald Trump. 

Roberts, who has been the chief justice for 19 years, was reported by The Wall Street Journal to have passed a number of rulings, including the one in Trump’s presidential immunity case, that matches his priorities to reduce federal power. The recent decisions of the court reduced the ability of prosecutors to bring forward charges against the Jan. 6 defendants and potentially even gave a justification for some of the defendants to appeal their previous convictions. Important decisions were also made in two abortion cases and another case that established federal regulations barriers. 

However, some cases continue to be on hold, including the one relating to the abortion drug Mifepristone, which continues to be available, and the Idaho abortion ban which continues to be preempted by federal law. The Supreme Court Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School faculty director David Strauss has argued that these cases did not appear to be priorities for Roberts. 

Strauss noted that the presidential and regulatory powers are areas that Roberts cares about while abortion and gun rights are lower on his list of priorities. 

Considering the court’s conservative majority, Roberts’ majority rulings are significantly higher, and in the 2023-24 term, Roberts had joined the majority in 96 percent of the argued cases. 

As the chief, it is up to Roberts to assign the opinion to the justices, but the major case opinions are usually delivered by himself.

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