Kids Leave Dad With Cancer Speechless

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No diagnosis can hurt a family as much as one that affects the health of a family member. For the Schuber family though, that is exactly the type of diagnosis they got when Sheena Schuber’s husband was told that he had stage four cancer on Nov. 5. Following the diagnosis, the only thing that she had in mind was helping her husband with his health. That meant that the holiday season was put on the backburner despite how many times her children would ask about decorating for Christmas.

Schuber recalled that in her family they would usually go all out and even have two trees alongside plenty of outdoor decorations, and her husband, Nick, would usually dress as Santa. Naturally, the kids, A.J. and Michael, aged seven and three, were not too thrilled to hear that they would not be getting the traditional Christmas decorations that they had gotten so used to.

As Schuber admitted, she is usually “a little OCD” about the Christmas décor, but this year she decided to take a step back and allow her kids to decorate. The result was not perfect, but it definitely made their parents cry tears of joy when they realized how much better their children were handling things.

Dr. Ashurina Ream, a psychologist, said that there were “so many things” that stood out about Schuber’s tree. She added that there are many lessons from this experience since parents teach their children that things aren’t always perfect but they can still be creative and make decisions. Ream added that there should always be room for fun and that it is those moments of fun that most people will cherish and remember.

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