Kim Jong-un Orders Emergency Lockdown After COVID Hits Nation

Kim Jong-un Orders Emergency Lockdown After COVID Hits Nation

Kim Jong Un Gives ORDER Over Severe Emergency

( – After two years of the rest of the world wrestling with COVID-19, North Korea’s leader finally announced the nation’s first positive cases. As expected, the reaction from the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, was swift and severe. According to the Associated Press he put citizens throughout the nation under a lockdown on May 12.

The Korean Central News Agency reported multiple individuals in Pyongyang tested positive for the virus but did not provide actual numbers or details about the situation. It did say the tests occurred on May 8.

Prior to the announcement, the country had claimed to have no infections. It shut its borders early in the pandemic in January 2020. Despite the precaution, experts say it’s unlikely the nation has made it this long without a positive COVID-19 case.

Kim’s order is for all areas of the country as a method to prevent transmission of the virus before it can become a larger problem. North Korea is under the maximum level of its emergency epidemic prevention system. This order marks the second time Kim has shut down for the pandemic. He also issued a lockdown in July 2020 for Kaesong City after suspecting there may be an infection there.

So, how do these strict lockdowns impact the citizens? Human Rights Watch said in March that the strict lockdowns in the nation due to COVID-19 have allowed the leaders to institute more control over the people. The organization claims a growing humanitarian crisis in the nation with food shortages and a lack of other goods. The intensive restrictions also keep outsiders from knowing what is truly happening within the country’s borders.

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