Known Terrorists Walking Freely in US: New Report

Known Terrorists Walking Freely in US: New Report

Federal Government FREES Known Terrorists – Lets Them Out!

( – Most people would admit the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was messy. Reports from Project Veritas now show it also wasn’t safe. The news outlet received records from the government on multiple visa holders in the country who are on terrorist watchlists.

Project Veritas reports that these individuals came to the US as refugees after the Afghanistan withdrawal under Operation Allies Welcome. Many of them are Tier 1 ranked, which means they are known for using firearms or explosives. Some of them have previous murder charges and other criminal histories.

One example is Ismael Jurat, who came to the US on August 31, 2021. His name had just come off the Terrorist Watchlist, but after his entry, authorities put him back on it as a Tier 1 offender. Despite this distinction, he received approval for a work visa. Anwarallhaq Wahidi is another person who came to the US and then went on the watchlist. Despite his standing, he also received an approved work visa. Both men have histories showing the use of explosives.

A video obtained by Project Veritas shows Ur Jaddou, the director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, boasting about how quickly these refugees went through processing. She said she’s proud of how many Afghans the country relocated.

Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, noted the program has allowed more than 84,000 refugees into the US, and authorities haven’t done due diligence to ensure they aren’t risks to national security. He warned these people live all around the country, including in the nation’s capital.

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