Lake Mead Body Could Be Connected to the Mafia

Lake Mead Body Could Be Connected to the Mafia

Mafia Member’s BODY May Have Been Found – After All These Years

( – San Diego real estate developer Allen R. Glick acquired a Nevada gaming license in 1974 and purchased several Las Vegas gambling establishments to include the famed Stardust Resort and Casino and the Freemont Hotel. Local and federal gaming officials eventually shut down his operations in the late 1970s after determining organized crime families controlled his company, the Argent Corporation. A recent report indicates a recently discovered body could be that of an individual with Mafia connections.

On May 18, The Daily Mail reported that a body recently found in a barrel in Lake Mead could be that of a mob victim. Jeff Burbank and Geoff Schumacher, authors of books on the Mafia, pinpointed three specific possibilities for the discovered person’s identity. The two experts feel this way because all three men had ties to Argent Corp.

Based on clothing and items officers found on May 1 alongside the skeletal remains, the Las Vegas Police Department believes the victim’s death occurred in the 1970s to 1980s. Burbank and Schumacher told The Daily Mail all three potential victims disappeared during that period.

The first possibility is George “Jay” Vandermark. He was an operator at the Stardust casino in Las Vegas and worked with the mob. Vandermark played a dangerous game when he double-crossed the organization. The authors know the Mafia wanted him dead.

Another potential victim is William Crespo. He ran drugs for the mob and then testified against them after he got caught by police. Crespo didn’t make it to court because he disappeared.

The last possible option is Johnny Pappas. The authors say they feel he is the most likely to be the body in the barrel. He was a casino host and owned a boat at Lake Mead. He was the manager of a project for the Argent Corporation, which gave him a lot of Mafia insider knowledge.

According to local 8 News, Lt. Ray Spencer stated this would be a tough case to solve, requiring a lot of work to identify the victim. He also said that due to the current drought conditions in the area, more corpses are likely to emerge from dried up bodies of water moving forward.


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