Law Enforcement Is Deploying Spy Drones to the Southern Border

Law Enforcement Is Deploying Spy Drones to the Southern Border

Law Enforcement DEPLOYS Blimp – Details Released

( – Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) will deploy new devices that will offer camera surveillance of the southern border. The 22-Meter Persistent Ground Surveillance System Aerostat, or high-tech helium blimp, could give agents on the ground a significant advantage in stopping large-scale border crossings.

One of the blimps already flies about 3,000 feet above Nogales, Arizona, about a mile from the line between Mexico and the United States. Tethered to the ground, the surveillance unit provides 24-hour a day coverage, including night vision, as part of an effort to quell the spike in border crossing in 2021 and 2022. A second blimp, scheduled for completion by the end of the fiscal year, will operate in the Tucson area, possibly Sasabe.

Helium systems have been in place since 2013 but dropped off during the pandemic due to cost. In Texas, a similar program spends $30 million annually or $5 million for each of the 6 blimps operating in its airspace.

Aside from flying devices, CBP also regularly deploys unmanned drones to patrol the border. The ability to see unlawful crossings in real-time makes a huge difference for agents on the ground, allowing them to properly position themselves to best detain illegals and protect the lives of everyone involved.

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