Lawmakers Launch “Unconditional War”

Lawmakers Launch

( – Racism is a hot-button topic in the United States. It divides people and can create issues within society. New legislation in Congress seeks to declare war on it.

A new bill proposed by more than 30 Democrats in the House of Representatives on February 9 would create a Department of Reconciliation. The agency would have a budget of 10% of the nearly $715 billion the Department of Defense receives, and it would handle the elimination of all racism in the country.

The bill proposes approaching racism similarly to President Lydon B. Johnson’s handling of poverty. The text of the legislation says systemic and institutionalized racism “exists in virtually all areas of American life” and cites the death of George Floyd as a reason why Congress must act now.

While the text doesn’t provide details on how this new department would accomplish its lofty goal, it does explain it would be a cabinet-level agency with the president appointing the Secretary of Reconciliation to run it.

Most people agree racism is wrong, but does it require creating a new department? Additional details about how it would work and where the funding would come from are sure to emerge as the House mulls it over in the Committee on the Judiciary.

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