Lawmakers Targeted In New Attack

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( – On Tuesday, a top House official revealed that there had been a “significant data breach” at the health insurance marketplace for Washington, D.C., which might have led to the information of hundreds of lawmakers and staff being exposed.

In a letter obtained by NBC News, Chief Administrative Officer Catherine L. Szpindor revealed that the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI had alerted them of the data breach at DC Health Link, the Affordable Care Act online marketplace used for the health care plans of Congress members and a number of Capitol Hill staff. She added that as of right now they do not know what the size of the breach was but that they have received information from the FBI that account information and personally identifiable information for hundreds of Congress members and House staff had been breached. She added that later that day she expected to receive a full list of all those impacted by the breach so that they can directly be notified about their information being stolen.

Szpindor continued to say that as of right now it does not appear that the attack had a “specific target.” However, she claimed that those lawmakers who wanted to exercise caution may choose to freeze their credit at major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

On Wednesday afternoon, Senate offices also claimed that the Senate Sergeant at Arms had been informed about the data breach that had taken the name. The notice that the Senate offices received stated that  “data included the full names, date of enrollment, relationship (self, spouse, child), and email address, but no other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).”

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