Lawyer Claims Ketanji Brown Jackson Favors Critical Race Theory

Lawyer Claims Ketanji Brown Jackson Favors Critical Race Theory

( – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden’s choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, is under fire for her political views on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Jackson first began serving on the DC Federal Court of Appeals in 2021; Biden recently nominated her for a spot on the Supreme Court instead. Republicans, many of whom previously voted to confirm her for the bench, are now questioning whether her political background renders her unsuitable for the newly proposed role.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently suggested that Jackson is of the radical Left less than a year after he voted to confirm her spot on the federal bench. The Daily Wire claims that shift stems from her most recent string of speeches. Jackson has repeatedly shown admiration for proponents of CRT over the past seven years.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is also unhappy with Jackson’s stance on crime — particularly child pornography offenders. Hawley attacked the judge’s “appalling” record, both in policy and in practice, on Twitter.

CRT presents the idea that racism in America is endemic rather than a deviation from the norm. Proponents of the theory believe that American institutions are inherently racist. The controversial theory first came to be in 1989 but quickly evolved into a hot-button political topic over the past few years.

New legislation in several states bans CRT from public schools. Republicans opposing Jackson’s appointment are highly concerned that her political leanings on the matter could ultimately sway her rulings on the bench.

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