Liberals Bring Down Another Confederate Memorial

Photo by Chris Kofoed on Unsplash

( – In northern Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery, a Confederate memorial is going to be removed in the following days. This is part of a general movement that has been seeking to remove any symbols that were commemorative of the Confederacy from any military facilities. 

On Saturday, a cemetery official made the announcement ignoring the demands of over 40 GOP congressmen who have been pushing the Pentagon to stop their efforts to have the monument removed from Arlington cemetery. 

In an email, the Arlington National Cemetery stated that safety fencing had been installed around the memorial which was expected to be fully removed by Dec. 22. They further noted that all the surrounding headstones, graves, and landscapes would be protected during the time of the removal.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has opposed the plan to have the monument moved from the cemetery to the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park in the Shenandoah Valley, according to Macaulay Porter the spokeswoman of the governor. 

In 2022, an independent commission recommended in its final Congress report that the memorial should be removed as it was in commemoration of the Confederacy. The statue was originally been unveiled in 1914, and it shows a bronze woman crowned with olive leaves and standing on top of a food pedestal that is meant to act as a representation of the American South. The depiction also includes a Black woman and an enslaved man who is allegedly following his owner to war. 

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