Liberals Let Savage Criminals Run Free Thanks to Lax “Justice” Policies

Liberals Let Savage Criminals Run Free Thanks to Lax

( – Two 13-year-old girls got into a fight at Center Park in Inglewood, California, on April 26, 2021. One of the teens used a knife, which resulted in life-threatening injuries to the other girl. While officers arrested the attacker, she only faced a misdemeanor charge and got off with probation, which the District Attorney’s office stood behind as fair.

Elisyannah Valdez told Fox 11 that the other girl had been harassing her online for a while before attacking her at the park. The other girl thought Elisyannah was dating a boy she liked. Elisyannah suffered severe injuries to her pericardial sac, kidneys, liver, and diaphragm in the altercation.

The other girl faced a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge and another for electronic harassment. The prosecution followed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s restorative justice policy in sentencing her. The concept of restorative justice prevents trying minors as adults and focuses on the needs of offenders.

In a statement to Fox 11, Special Advisor to the District Attorney Alex Bastian said that the sentence was just because the other girl had no criminal history and would receive treatment. However, after the incident, the attacker made a social media post asking the boy if he would be more interested in her if she murdered someone for him.

Elisyannah and her mother fear this girl is not done with her violent behavior and worry about her mental state. They wonder how the DA could let this teen get away with just a slap on the wrist for what the mother called premeditated attempted murder.

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