Little Girl Cries After Shocking Discovery

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

Little Girl Cries After Shocking Discovery

A new viral video is making the rounds after a 5-year-old Scotland girl was filmed crying after finding out that when she grew up, she would not be a princess, but rather would need to be more like her mom. The little girl started having a meltdown after finding out this news, and many viewers of the now-viral clip did not only sympathize with her but also could in many ways understand her reaction.

Catherine Stafford-Grimley, the toddler’s mother, said that she was surprised her daughter was capable of empathizing and understanding the news that she couldn’t be a princess and would instead need to do chores.

When explaining how the incident came to be she said that the little girl had seen her cleaning the house and had inquired about why she was doing that. The mother promptly informed the little girl that adults had to do chores, which is what made the 5-year-old throw a full-on tantrum.

Stafford-Grimley said that upon explaining adulthood basics to her daughter, the little girl realized that being an adult was not as much fun as she was expecting.

After sharing the video with the world, the reactions were many. Many kept laughing, while others would share the video with other members of their family. As part of her breakdown, the little girl can also be heard saying she is not happy to have to grow up and do the boring stuff.

Reportedly after she stopped crying, she also asked her mum whether it was possible for her to not grow up at all and to make her legs not grow. Which understandably made her mom laugh on the inside.


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