Lost Dog Found 500 Miles Away From Home

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – A dog that had gone missing four years ago in Colorado has now been found in Southern New Mexico, over 500 miles away from its original home. 

Patches went missing in 2020 while he was staying with a friend of his owner Benjamin Baxter. While Baxter had moved for work to Nebraska and was at a new place where pets were not allowed, Patches had stayed in Calhan, Colorado with one of Baxter’s friends. 

Baxter said that his dog had always been a sort of “Houdini” and that the two of them had gone across the country together. He added that Patches would often run away in order to chase different animals but that in the end, she would always go back home. 

Baxter revealed that he had been intending to find a new place that allowed animals so that he could bring his dog with him on his move, however before he could manage to do that, Patches had ended up going missing. He said that by the seventh day of his dog having gone missing, he had resigned to the fact that he would never find his dog.

However, four years later the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley in Las Cruces, New Mexico had called Baxter’s wife to let her know that Patches had been found. 

Baxter said that it was crazy to see his dog again so many years later, especially as he thought that she was probably dead. 

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