Loving Dog Reacts To Baby Kicking in Mom’s Belly

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Loving Dog Reacts To Baby Kicking in Mom’s Belly

Another adorable dog video was posted on TikTok by user @sherrellmichell. The video which has accumulated more than 14 million views shows a pregnant woman sitting and petting her Doberman-style dog. While she was petting the dog, the dog suddenly felt the baby kick in its owner’s belly.

Within seconds the god turned around alert and turned its face towards its owner’s stomach. With its cute puppy dog eyes, it looked at the pregnant woman pressing its head against her pregnant belly for a few more seconds.

For the next 15 seconds in the clip, the dog kept changing positions as it moved to touch the woman’s stomach in different places to feel the baby.

The American Kennel Club has often noted that dogs and babies can form a very sweet and special bond.

This in part is because they tend to spend a lot of time together as playmates since both dogs and babies desire to have someone to play with. It is also important for dogs to learn how to properly behave around a baby so that everyone involved can remain safe.

The owner’s own reactions can also affect how a dog will respond to a baby. This is why if the owner learns to be calm and cautious, their dog is going to also adapt its behavior so that it can be more sensitive towards the baby.

Their first-time meeting is always worth recording as dogs and pets in general tend to have the sweetest reactions to meeting the newest member of their family.


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