Madison Cawthorn Possesses Loaded Firearm at Airport – Again

Madison Cawthorn Possesses Loaded Firearm at Airport... Again

Congressman INVOLVED – A Gun Was Found!

( – WSOC-TV reported Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) received a citation for carrying a firearm at the Charlotte Douglas Airport. The incident took place on April 26, when authorities from the Transportation Security Administration reported the discovery of a handgun in his luggage. WSOC-TV noted the weapon was a Staccato C2. It was found when the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department (CMPD) responded.

A CMPD News post on Twitter said Cawthorn cooperated with officials. Officers from the CMPD cited him for possession of a dangerous weapon on city property and confiscated the gun.

Authorities didn’t arrest the representative or press any criminal charges against him. WSOC-TV spoke with experts, who said he likely did not end up in custody because he is a member of Congress and receives an excuse from arrest under Article 1, Section 6, Clause 1 of the US Constitution. An expert in aviation security noted that it is uncommon for authorities to take anyone into custody in such a situation when they are honest and cooperative, as Cawthorn was.

This incident was not the first for the representative. He also tried to carry a handgun on a flight in February 2021 at the Asheville Regional Airport. He faced no charges at that time. The Daily Wire reported that this citation could net Cawthorn a fine of up to $13,000.

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