Mailwoman Becomes Life Saver in Incredible Way

Photo by Joel Moysuh on Unsplash

( – A U.S. Postal Service Mail carrier saved the life of a 90-year-old woman in Durango Colorado after becoming concerned about the growing pile of mail that was acquiring outside without being taken inside.

Seana Green has been a mail carrier for approximately 15 years, and throughout that time she has often kept up with the people living on her route. Oftentimes she will even make quick visits before going about and delivering all the house mail. However, Greene noticed two weeks ago that something peculiar was occurring with one of the neighbors.

As she shared, Marilyn Schmidt, 89, who lived in one of the houses had stopped going out to pick up the mail. Green revealed that normally the woman would be out every other day so seeing the mail pile up was not normal. As Green had also not seen Schmidt for a few days she decided to check up on her after a few days.

After calling for the woman she just heard the woman’s weak voice, when she entered the house she found Schmidt on the kitchen floor. Green proceeded to call 911 and Schmidt was taken to the Mercy Medical Center where she was treated.

Green revealed that the doctor had told them that if they had not found her when they did it, then they would be looking at a worst-case scenario situation. However, two weeks after the incident the woman celebrated her 90th birthday while still in the hospital.

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