Major New Voting Change Coming To Key Battleground State

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( – On Tuesday, Pennsylvania announced that eligible voters would be included in automatic voter registration ahead of the 2024 election cycle.

As Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) the automatic legislation would be available for eligible voters and they could opt into it when renewing their voter registration, or getting new driver’s licences and ID cards. Previously eligible voters who wanted to become registered voters in the state needed to opt in. However, now those who do not wish to be registered should just opt out of the process.

There are 23 other states that are currently using automatic voter registration, including Georgia, West Virginia, and Delaware. As Shapiro’s office pointed out, the practice was common in both Republican and Democratic states. They have further suggested that through this process there will be tens of thousands more registered voters in the state.

As he stated during the announcement, automatic voter registration would help save tax dollars while promoting election security. He then pointed out that those residing in his state already needed to provide residency, age, citizenship, and proof of identity when at the DMV. These are the same information that are requested by those who want to register to vote. As such, the automatic registration would help further streamline the process.

Pennsylvania is a key swing state that has often played an important role in determining the winner of the presidential election. In 2016, the state went to former President Donald Trump, while in 2020 it went to President Biden. With automatic registration voter turnout in the next election could increase which is important when deciding the elections with narrow margins.

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