Major Pizza Chain Giving Away Emergency Pizzas

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( – Domino’s has launched its “Emergency Pizza” option which would allow customers to participate at a time when they are most in need. The program offers a free medium two-topping pizza that customers are able to take advantage of whenever they believe it is necessary.

According to the company’s chief brand officer and senior vice president, Kate Trumbull, the pizza could come in handy in situations where someone burned their dinner or lost power and had to host their in-laws. Domino’s free pizza is going to be available to help make every situation better.

When asked what prompted them to launch the program, she shared that there was a lot of uncertainty in life right now and that they believed that a pizza pick-me-up was always necessary at one point or another.

As she pointed out, the hard part is going to be determining when one should use their Emergency Pizza. Those interested in the program can qualify by placing an order online that has a value of more than $7.99. This will allow them to automatically earn the right to get their own medium pizza.

Those who want to take advantage of the member-only deal will need to join the new loyalty program launched by the company.

Customers have 30 days to claim their free pizza since their original online order is carried out. The program is going to be available to Domino’s customers until February 11, 2024. However, there are some limitations as Domino’s has announced that the program would not be available on October 21, December 31, and February 11.

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