Major U.S. Airline Loses Child

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( – In a recent incident, Spirit Airlines confirmed that a young boy, traveling alone, ended up on a different flight than intended. The event occurred on a Thursday when the boy, Casper, only 6 years old, left Philadelphia with his destination set for Fort Myers, Florida. However, a mix-up resulted in him landing in Orlando, which is a considerable distance from his intended destination.

Casper’s grandmother, Maria Ramos, was waiting for him in Fort Myers. It was a significant journey for Casper, being his first time flying alone. Ramos, in a conversation with the local news channel WINK, recounted her panic upon learning that Casper was not on the expected flight. She had checked him in herself and was confused and worried when told he had missed his flight. Her concern escalated when a flight attendant in Fort Myers seemed unaware of Casper’s supposed presence on the flight.

The situation became clearer when Casper called his grandmother from Orlando, informing her of his whereabouts. Ramos expressed her frustration and need for answers from Spirit Airlines, wondering about the procedures followed after she had handed Casper over to the airline’s care in Philadelphia.

Responding to this mishap, Spirit Airlines issued an apology and stated that they are investigating internally to understand how the error occurred. They assured that the child was under the supervision of their staff throughout the incident and that they communicated promptly with the family to resolve the issue.

The airline’s statement clarified the situation: “On Dec. 21, a young traveler was mistakenly placed on a flight to Orlando instead of Fort Myers. We are looking into how this mix-up happened. The child was under our supervision at all times and we took immediate action to reunite him with his family.”

Spirit Airlines emphasized their dedication to the safety and careful handling of all their passengers, particularly unaccompanied minors, and apologized to the family for the stress and inconvenience caused.

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