Major Warning for Pet Owners This Summer

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( – The ongoing heat wave can be a problem for pet owners, leading to meteorologists providing advice in order to help ensure that pets remain safe in the high heat. 

This week, the Northeast and Midwest will be feeling the impact of the high temperatures, with many states being under excessive heat warnings or heat advisories. The National Weather Service (NWS) has noted that they expect the heat index values to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat wave is expected to last until the weekend in the Northeast while it can continue for longer in the Midwest. 

Amidst the warnings about the heat wave, and the suggestions to help ensure that people remain hydrated and cool in these weather conditions, some meteorologists have also issued reminders for pet owners to ensure that pets also don’t suffer from any heat-related impacts. 

Apart from ensuring that pets are properly hydrated, have cool areas to be in, and are never left in a hot car alone, pet owners are also encouraged to check the temperatures of the pavement before they walk their dogs. As they argue there is a simple 7-second test that can be used to determine this. If you are unable to hold your hand against the hot surface for 7 seconds then it is too hot for your pet, as it could lead to them burning their paws. 

Darius Mack, a WNKY meteorologist took to X to remind owners that they should not only use the 7-second test but also avoid walking their dogs during peak heating hours in the day.

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